The Big Decision: Things to Consider and Do to Help You Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress to Make Your Fairy Tale Come True

Every girl dreams about her wedding day. She has a picture of herself in this beautiful dress. She even imagines all the extras. The perfect shoes, tiara, veil, and jewelry. So, how do you find this fairy tale image in real life? If you are dress-hunting, I’m sure you have found some good and bad options. But you haven’t found YOUR dress yet.

Before you give up and eat too much cake, look at our tips for choosing your dress.


Where your wedding will be held and the season will influence your choice. Should it be suitable for summer or winter? Can you have a train or not? A beach wedding has different aspects than a church wedding. Keep these in mind when dress hunting.


Decide what you are willing and able to spend on the dress. Keep in mind to add the extras of shoes, veil, and train. You should also add in room for alteration costs. Tell the sales person beforehand what your budget is. This way you will not set your heart on a dress that is double what you can afford. In this case, ignorance ensures sanity.

Bring your backup

Many dress shops have strapless bras and such things for different dress styles. If you know that you might be needing some extras or options, take your own. Also, take things like a special veil or shoes to see if it all works together.

Very important is your best friends and even your mom. You need honest opinions and emotional support.

Start early

Don’t wait until a month or two before your wedding. Start your ideas, research and search early. Proper preparation will take several months. You also need time to go around fitting dresses. Give yourself about 6 to 9 months depending on what you want. Elaborate dresses and dresses that are tailor-made might take a long time.


Do your research before you start hunting. Find bridal magazines and pictures online. Make note of designs and styles that you like. Look at different colors and decide if you want beading or patterns. Get to know terms relating to different fabrics, methods, designers, and techniques. This will help you explain what you want when you get to the stores.

Have a plan

Dress shopping isn’t something you just quickly decide to do today. You need to phone dress shops and ask them what they have. You need to make appointments for fittings. Find out how many dresses you get to fit and if there are any costs involved. Book out dates and times and remember to book your bridesmaids and mom as well.

Lastly, keep an open mind. You probably have a good idea of what style dress you want. The problem is that not all styles suit everyone. It might look good in the magazine, but it might not look good on you. On the other hand, a dress that looks funny on the hanger might look fabulous on you. Keep an open mind and try different styles to find what suits you.