Choosing Your Wedding Menu: 8 Guidelines to Use When Deciding What to Serve Your Guests and Make Your Wedding Great

The food served at weddings are some of the best you will ever eat. It is also one of the high points of a reception. Everyone looks forward to it. The menu is the first thing they study once they get to the table. The menu is something you really want to spend time on and get right. Both you and your guests should be able to thoroughly enjoy it. We have a few guidelines on how to decide what you want on your menu.

Guidelines for setting your menu

  1. Decide whether you want a buffet or a normal 3-course meal. This will limit or broaden your options. There may be a set menu for set courses. Cooking for a buffet is also different than cooking for individuals. Different preparations and techniques are used. It may also influence costs.
  2. Choose your caterer. Decide who or which company you want to cater for you. Keep in mind that some venues cater themselves. You might not be able to choose another caterer. They may also have only certain options. Another option is asking your favorite restaurant to do the catering. Talk to the manager and chef to find out what your options are.
  3. Choose food that you love. The best place to start choosing food is to know what you like. Write down your favorite foods and find out what the caterer can do with it. Maybe they have a fancy version of an old-time favorite.
  4. Location. Keep in mind where you will be having the reception. A beach wedding and reception will be different from a hotel hall. The food should also suit the surroundings. A beach wedding might have limitations. Consider whether you will have waiters to serve food or not. This may influence the decision on whether you should have a buffet or not.
  5. Time of year. The season in which you get married can also influence food choice. In summer salads and lighter food will work better. In winter soups and stews and comfort foods will be great. Certain foods are seasonal and this will also play a role. Find out if your favorite foods are in season at the time that you will be getting married.
  6. Starters. You need to also have something for your guests to eat while they wait for you to take photos. There are many options from cheese and crackers, to avocado ritz or even some finger food.
  7. Vegetarian. If you or some of your friends and family are vegetarian or vegan, also keep that in mind. There is no need to make a whole menu vegetarian for two people, but you want to give them an alternative.

Your wedding food will also be one of the big expenses. Make sure that you and the caterer communicate clearly and that all your choices are practical. Once you have a final menu, a big part of the work will be done.