9 Types of Invitation Ideas to Let Your Friends Know When Your Happy Day Will Take Place

With new technology emerging every day comes new ways of designing and creating. There are so many options for wedding invitations, choosing one can be quite tough. Below is a list of some types of invitations from self-made to fancy laser cut ones.

Self-designed. If you have a computer and some basic skills, you can design your own invitation in PowerPoint or Publisher. If you have graphic design experience, even better. Designing your own invitation is a much cheaper alternative. You can print and send them or even send them by email.

Email invitations. Today there are services online that help you create invitations or cards. They even have a built-in RSVP function. Alternatively, you can just send your invites by email. This saves time, paper and money.

Video invites. You and your partner can make a short video invitation that can be sent via email or even through something like WhatsApp. This could be quite fun. You can either star in the video or you can just make it like a PowerPoint presentation with the necessary info.

Laser cut. Laser cut machines can do almost anything. Any fancy patterns or shapes you want. The options are limitless.

Letterpress. These invitations are printed to look like the letters have been pressed into the paper. It leaves an ‘indent’ instead of just printing on top of the paper.

Standard. Standard invitations that are printed on a single piece of paper and sent in an envelope.

Brochure invites. These invitations are done like a brochure. You have three folds. You decide where you want the information. You can even add pictures or sliding sections.

Pocket invites. These invitations use some form of folding shape instead of an envelope. There are different options and versions. Some can even have little boxes.

Double layers. Instead of the single piece of paper, you get a layered invite. Usually, the bottom piece is a more solid color and texture. The top piece, on which the text will be, is softer and sometimes even see-through. Almost like tissue-paper, but better quality.

Expert level. Themed weddings have become quite popular. With themes came some very intricate ideas. Invitations with 3 layers of paper, sliding parts with pictures or directions, pop-out pictures and flip-up sections are common. These invitations look great but be prepared to spend a lot of time or money to make them.

Your invitations should be special and pretty. You and your partner should decide what your budget is and what your ideas are. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be beautiful. There is elegance in simplicity. The intricate ones look great, though. You should remember to put invitation costs in your budget and make sure that your ideas and budget align. Creating your own invitations can be quite a fun experience. Gather some friends and make a night of it. Let them help with the cutting, sticking, and licking.