8 Ways to Keep Your Wedding in Budget but Still Elegant and Beautiful: Cut Costs Cleverly and Avoid Living on Bread, Water and Love Alone

Your wedding might be one of the most expensive things you will ever plan. It does not have to be that way. Many couples are considering to keep things small to save costs. There are a quite a few ways to save costs and still have a beautiful wedding. We gathered a short list of cost-cutting ideas.

Trim the guest list – The more guests you have, the more you pay. Keep the day intimate and only invite your close family and friends. Inviting your third cousin twice removed who you have never met is unnecessary. Avoid putting people on the list because you feel obligated. This is your day and you decide who you want to spend it with.

Self-made invitations – Make your own invitations and ask your friends to help. It can be a fun night of working and hanging out. Alternatively, there are also electronic invitations these days. Email invitations or ones made on the computer cost much less than hiring someone to make them.

Cut the flowers – Flowers are beautiful but they are one of the biggest expenses at a wedding. Keep it simple and stick to small bouquets or single flower bouquets. Have a few well-placed arrangements or very simple table decorations.

Cater yourself – Hire a friend or family in the restaurant business to cater for you. You can also do the arrangements and preparations yourself. Many venues do not allow for self-catering so ask before making such plans.

Buy your dress off the rack – This might seem like a terrible thing to say. Yes, it is your big day, but you will never wear the dress again. Buy off the rack and even on sale. You will find a dress that is perfect for you without breaking the bank.

Service instead of gifts– Ask friends and family to offer their services instead of gifts. Musicians, photographers, videographers, hairstylist, décor experts can all offer their services instead of buying a gift.

Offer advertisement: Arrange with your vendors that you will give them advertisement in exchange for a discount. Make a little list or card with all your vendors. Put these on the table for your guests to take home. This is good advertising and a great way to get future business.

Rent a tuxedo: Let the groom rent his tux instead of buying one. If you go to events where he will often wear a tux, buying one will be an investment. However, if he will only wear it for the wedding, rental is a better and cheaper option. It’s not about the clothes, it’s about the person wearing them.

These are only a few ideas. There are many more such options if you get creative and put in some work yourself. Don’t forget that friends and family are eager to help. You can make the décor yourself as well or get your creative friend to come up with some ideas. This is cheaper than hiring someone.