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Wedding Function Wedding Venues has been around for years and have a great track record. They are experts at planning weddings and making fairy tales come true. Venue hire includes various other wedding-related services to make it easier. It is always easier to have all the vendors in one place than to bring a lot of different ones in from the outside.

The venues on offer are all beautiful and set in a lovely landscape ideal for wedding photographs. The wedding planners are all experienced and at the ready to make your fairy tale picture come to life. All the wedding planners have specialized training and can deal with any request or problems that may come up.

The venues offer several different services. A few of these include:

Catering: The caterers are very experienced in wedding menus. The options to choose from include buffet, 3-course meals, and 5-course meals. The menu is very broad and includes most favorites.

Entertainment: There are in-house DJs to make sure the right mood is set at the right time. They will get the guests dancing and make the day one to remember.

Décor: The wedding planners and assistants deal with all the décor. They take their cues from the ideas of the wedding couple and explain what can work and what not. They come to an agreement and make it happen.

Overnight stay: Each venue has a room for the wedding couple to stay overnight on their wedding night. The room includes a bedroom, en-suite bathroom, and small sitting area. It also comes with complimentary champagne.

Photographers: In-house photographers are at the ready to get the wedding couple’s shot list. They prepare ahead of time to make sure they have the best spots to take the best pictures.

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